HPBC435 (Type-A)

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HPBC435 (Type-A)


A unique product from Honda was introduced in Pakistan. The light, economical, and tough brush cutter is ideal for weeds, brush, and grass alike. With the ability to tidy hard-to-reach places and open areas alike – this Honda makes your work quick and perfect.

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Handle type U- Shaped
Clutch type Centrifugal clutch
Overall length 1930mm
Overall width 610 mm
Overall height 445 mm
Dry weight 8 kg
Blade 2T & 40T


Model GQ35
Type 4 stroke, overhead cam, single cylinder
Displacement 35.8cc
Maximum Spindle speed 10000rpm
Cooling System Forced air
Oil Capacity 0.10Lit
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.63 lit


Due to continuous improvement in the product based on market feedback above specifications are subject to change without any prior notice. Please contact the authorized dealer/distributor for the latest specifications.